7 Reasons You Will
Like Our Office

  1. Friendliness

    You'll enjoy an atmosphere of friendly communication. Each team member was chosen for their professional and people skills. Many patients have remarked, "Are you always like this?" (Friendly, that is.) Yes, we are. Why? Because it's the atmosphere we'd want for ourselves. And honestly, it is more fun that way for everyone.
  2. Competence & Skill

    We take our profession seriously and with a passion to deliver high quality care that looks great and feels good. Our doctors and staff exceed by far the required number of continuing education hours each year. That way, we can deliver an ever-improving quality of care.
  3. Modern Design

    Dental work can be difficult for many people. If you or one of your family members fall into this category, expect relief at our office. We have many flat screen TV's to make dental visits more enjoyable. Also, DVD's can be played on all our HD TV's. We even tailor your dental care to your individual needs to reduce anxiety and achieve greater relaxation at all your appointments.
  4. Your Time

    We respect your time. We make every effort to see you promptly at your reserved appointment time and complete your treatment quickly and in as few visits as possible. We promise to take the time to listen to your concerns and answer your questions. We pledge to take the time to inform you of your diagnosis and any needed treatment and why you need it.
  5. Impeccable Advanced Care at One Location

    In addition to routine services, we emphasize implant, TMJ, CAD/CAM and cosmetic dentistry. So, you won't need to see a multitude of doctors to get something done. We will refer you, if necessary, but almost all work is done at our office.
  6. Friendly, Advanced Dentistry

    We like to have a friendly atmosphere in which to do dentistry. We also Utilize advanced technology to make the delivery of dentistry easier and comfortable. For example, porcelain crowns and onlays can be made in 1 visit with a CAD/CAM. This saves you time. Essentially, we have a digital in-office lab. Large impressions are not required in most cases. The computer and dentist will be able to instantly evaluate the porcelain dental work. You are not required to wear a temporary crown, as the work is completed in 1 visit.

    Our office uses a soft tissue laser. There are many advantages for patients. It is very comfortable and healing is fast in most cases. The laser can reduce bacteria. It can also activate the lymphatic system, a subset of the circulatory system. All this can give you better gingival health without having a conventional surgical technique.

    We also utilize ZOOM teeth whitening, Diagnodent laser cavity detection and digital x-rays and digital photography.

    For the prospective implant patient, we will send you for i-CAT imaging when necessary to collect more information prior to starting your case. This leads to greater predictablity. Since we perform both the surgical and cosmetic phases, many times we can place a temporary tooth on the implant at the time of placement.
  7. Satisfaction

    We are committed to providing you with the kind of service we'd want for ourselves. We have spent thousands of hours working to create an office that delivers what it promises. Your satisfaction is our goal.